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The Crowded Table

The Brave and Beautiful Choice
to Mother Many



Today’s society tells us that having a large family may not be the best or most “practical” choice. Mothers (and fathers) receive comment after comment from strangers when in out in public, because today, having a brimming brood attracts quite the attention.

“Having a lot of kids is too expensive,” people say.

“But how will you travel?”

“What about college?”

“Don’t you know what causes babies?”

“Boy, you sure do have your hands full.”

Simply put, mothering many is beyond the norm.

But that is not what God thinks.


Having a large family is a bold and beautiful choice that opens our hearts, fills our homes with grace and love, and furthers God’s heart on the earth, here, today.

Moms, you are a gift. You are chosen. You are the hostesses of big, beautiful, crowded tables brimming with laughter and chaos.  These tables are epicenters of belonging, sacrifice, forgiveness, and love. They are glimpses of heaven on earth!


“Angela Connelly’s book, The Crowded Table, is the most beautiful book I have ever read—both in aesthetics and substance. As a working mother with two young children, I see, hear, and deeply feel the stories of each of the women who tell their stories. This is the book you need to read if you doubt that one person (52 mothers!) can make a difference in healing the culture.”

Camille Pauley, CEO of Healing the Culture

  • Encouragement and solidarity from women who have walked in your shoes. Use their stories to remind yourself that you are never alone.

  • Wisdom from experienced moms who have gone before us and paved the way, offering their insight with fresh honesty and candor.

  • Stories from 52 women spanning the globe who authentically share their hearts—the joy, the grief, the resilience, the strength. You’ll hear from adoptive moms, spiritual moms, moms of multiples, moms who’ve known grief, and many more.

  • Statistics and data that outline the declining birth rates. Learn why this is happening and what it means for tomorrow. What can we do is society to reverse the course? Why is it important?

  • Creative, artistic vignettes that will not only speak to your mother’s heart, but also immerse and inspire you in a beautiful, fine-art experience.


So, welcome to the table. You are precious and valued! This “table’—this gathering place— is a place to celebrate, be real, be encouraged, and be inspired.

In The Crowded Table, you’ll find:

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