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The Crowded Table 2

The Fatherhood Adventure

The Crowded Table 2

The Fatherhood Adventure

The Crowded Table Cover

Our broken world desperately needs fathers.


Our culture does not necessarily respect the importance of the gift that men who embrace fatherhood bring to the table. In fact, our children, our families, our society, and our world are experiencing a "fatherlessness crisis."


Men, your leadership, love, guidance, strength, are vitally important and they are gifts only you can uniquely bring to the table. Are you ready for the most challenging exciting mission you will ever face? If so, find a quiet place . . . grab a cold drink . . . and get ready for adventure


And it's not just for men; readers of all demographics are sure to enjoy the stories and inspiration from the 56 authors-real fathers "telling it like it is" in The Crowded Table 2: The Fatherhood Adventure.


The Crowded Table 2: The Fatherhood Adventure is dedicated to every man throughout time who spiritually, emotionally, or physically:


  • Has used his gifts talents, and energy to be the hands and feet of Christ

  • Gives direction to the wandering

  • Protects the vulnerable

  • Provides a home

  • Teaches children

  • Guides the lost

  • Dries the tears

  • Supports the struggling

  • Gives a hand

  • Welcomes the prodigal

  • Comforts the sorrowful

  • Encourages the anxious

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